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*NOTE* in the winter months, we only sell our honey locally*

Our honeybees spend all summer foraging the wildflowers on our 10 acre property. We have an abundant amount of resources for the bees on our land. The main sources of our honey includes: Sweet Clover, Goldenrod, Milkweed, Basswood & Aster.

We do not use any chemicals in our hives. Our honey is pure & raw, meaning we do not use any heat or additives.

When we collect honey, we use the most simple extraction method. We uncap the wax on the honey frames, put those frames into a simple hand crank metal extractor, then began pouring the extracted honey into a fine mesh strainer. From there, the honey strains into a 5 gallon bucket until we are ready to fill up our honey jars.

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4 oz. Honey Jar, 8 oz Honey Jar, 16 oz Honey Jar


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